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Happy Apple Natural Kitchen is my comfort writing food and evolving recipe collection. A freelance writer, healthy recipe developer, teacher and most of all mama, Iā€™m a dedicated endurance runner passionate about healthy living. In the past, I fell into a lonely power struggle with food. It was something I feared, obsessed over, and defined myself by via attempts to control my consumption of it. I lost myself and my health, relationships, and focus suffered.

One day hitting rock bottom, it struck me with renewed clarity, it was time to let go.  I began learning to appreciate and understand food for what it is. It's fuel. Sustenance. It's a beautiful, powerful gift.  Communion. It's a means to health when approached lovingly and moderately, and it's meant to be shared. 

Knowledge is progress. Making a commitment to continually educate myself around changing developments in health and nutrition provided a ladder out of a hole, but love transformed everything. Becoming a parent, I've reveled in the fascinating journeys and impact of  healthy food in a whole way. Sharing joyful preparation and appreciation alongside my little adventurous eater, I've been increasingly aware of the incredible, impact of positive role modeling. This significantly includes our relationship to food, but is most importantly about the way we love ourselves and each other.

I love experimenting in the kitchen. I love the bright colors, varied textures, and crisp sounds of produce on the cutting board. I love to bake. Obstacles present themselves, like finding time and respecting the piggybank. But, I love the creative search for solutions, and what's more, I love writing about it all--the challenges, the trials, and the results. Maybe one day I'll start a new journey pursuing formal culinary education. For now, I'm shooting to enjoy a life less processed, and to create delicious and nutritious, plant-based food that nourishes our active family and fits with busy days and conscious budgets.  


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