Quick post: The Farmer’s Garden

You know, as tense and turbulent as our economic situation has been of late, there are a few glimmering silver linings. In general, people are more conscious of the impact of each decision, and have been able to find reassurance in reaffirming what is truly most valuable to them. Tighter budgets have also aligned  in many instances with a heightened focus on sustainability, reflected in increasing interest in home gardening. And, one of my favorite upshots of tough times, bartering is back! Today, I wanted to take a quick second to introduce a new site that brings structure to the bartering of fresh produce, and  has incredible potential, The Farmer's Garden. Launched recently by master gardener Maureen Farmer (yes, that is her real surname!), this budding, national resource offers produce lovers everywhere the chance to post their surpluses and interests for sale, barter, or even giveaway. Best of all,  this gem is one of  those treasures which happily increases in value alongside the number of people who know about it.  Register for free to type in your zip code for information on local produce in your area.