Quick post: Props for Pepsi

I'm not a soda drinker, and soft drinks don't generally fit the scope of this blog, but it just so happens that Pepsi owns Quaker, and oats figure prominently here on a regular basis. Today, though, I'm not sharing a recipe but a simple observation that made me happy this weekend. You've probably already noticed it, and I think I may have too, but this was the first time I actually thought about what I was seeing and its small but significant impact. Dave and I were in the grocery store picking up a few extras, and we noticed the new packaging for Quaker granola bars, or, rather, the absence of. In place of the usual cardboard box, Quaker's Rip-n-Go chewy bars are bound by an adhesive label with perforated lines to allow for single bar plucking while the remaining snacks stick together for later. According to Quaker, the new packaging uses 33% less material than the standard box. It seems to me that this innovation is not only more sustainable, it's likely more economical; if this is the case, the lower cost could possibly translate to better buys for consumers. Regardless, it opens up more effective use of space, with the bars taking up only their own space, as opposed to knocking around in their gradually emptied house. It must be said, despite a a lack of affinity for soda as a rule, it's not just the Quaker brand that earn PepsiCo some props. With over $39 billion in revenues and employing over 185,000 people world wide, PepsiCo is one of the world's largest beverage firms. It has also been emerging as a role model for other multi-national, taking many admirable initiatives, including environmental, social and community based projects. For details on PepsiCo's progress in these areas, see Dave's two posts on Caledonia Wealth Management's blog: http://www.caledoniawealthmanagement.com/blog/?p=236#more-236; and http://www.caledoniawealthmanagement.com/blog/?p=243#more-243.