Guess What This Is?


It's leftovers! OK, that announcement's probably totally devoid of any shock value, given my current weakness in both presentation and photography (due to change at least mildly in 2011, however, if I'm successful in that particular resolution). It looks like a blasé fruit and yogurt parfait, doesn't it? But actually, it's more elegant than that, at least I thought so. I'm calling it a Post Christmas Mish Mash Parfait. It's residual fruit (apples and pears mainly) from mulled wine, tasting full-bodied and rich with cinnamon and Merlot, topped with a square of Christmas fudge, melted, and some mascarpone blended with a small amount of whipped cream.

I heard a factoid recently that the average family sits down to leftovers eight times during the holiday season, and although who can say what that means, or how that conclusion was wrought, it made my general hearty appreciation for leftovers temporarily evolve into fascination. Leftovers are fabulous, after all; a gift to the busy cook, and who can argue with yesterday's lasagna trumping the freshly produced pan? I love transforming big pot meals through the week, and was thinking we should have a holiday leftovers makeover challenge sometime. It may be on the late side for this year, but I know I have at least one faithful kitchen buddy who would be up for it next year, or even around another, earlier occasion (Mary), and maybe even two (Angel), three,  or four + (Lisa/Rebecca/you know who you are...).  Like I said, it's perhaps too late this time, but if you can and want to play anyway, send me a favorite transformed/reassembled holiday leftovers dish (write-up/photo, whatever you've got); we can assign some "best in __" categories, and who knows, maybe even procure a "prize" for someone. In any case, you've got another year to contemplate and polish your creative art of leftovers. I hope you're enjoying yours now, as come tomorrow there are plenty of delicious, healthy, and lucky (or so I've been reading) foods to prepare. More on that soon! Happy New Year!: )

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