Quick Post: Berry Pretty, Longer

I had one of those mini-epiphanies the other day, the kind when something so seemingly obvious dawns on you in a new way, washing you over with an overblown sense of your prior obliviousness.  Doing a quick clean of the fridge, it suddenly made sense why berries are packaged in those flimsy clamshell containers with holes; it's an effort to secure ventilation so the produce inside keeps better until purchased. You doubtless already knew this. I guess if I spent any time thinking about it, I knew this as well. What I didn't think about was proper storage once returning home. Thus, I've allowed far too many plump, beautiful berries to dissolve into fuzz in my fridge. After searching resources and trials at home, I've started storing berries I don't intend to freeze in colanders, which allow the air to circulate. Another good storage method I found is to keep berries in single layers, separated by paper towels, in covered containers. The key is simply to prevent dampness. To freeze fresh berries, wash and dry, then arrange in a single layer on a baking sheet (hull strawberries first). "Flash freeze" them until frozen solid and transfer to plastic freezer bags for more convenient storage. We've had a wintry sort of spring in Colorado, with wet, cold days lending to feelings of being somehow out of sync. Finally, early summer has begun brightly declaring itself as having arrived. Alongside, bursts of berries on sale. Keeping them in colanders has not just had a lasting impact on the berries themselves, they've truly beautified the fridge, looking so cheerfully enticing they ease the mercurial (good for the garden) rainy spells, and better yet, erase all thoughts of less desirable sweets. : )