Quick Post to my Boulder Stroke-and-Strider friends

When it comes to training and racing, who says sports fuel can't be focused and fun? Now, more than ever, sports nutritional options abound, from malt balls to jelly beans, for preparation, fuel, and replenishment. We think it's high time the classic cupcake took a turn in the spotlight. As timeless as birthday parties, cupcakes today are truly vogue, taking the cake (literally) in weddings and other celebrations, and increasingly popping up in shops specifically devoted to them. With a little creative tweaking, why not bring these petite pastries into a health-focused, athletic arena? We just need your feedback to discover the best tastes alongside better nutritional profiles. On Thursday, June 9th, stop by the Max Muscle tent after racing the Stroke & Stride for the first of several "recovery cupcake" taste-testing opportunities. Brainstormed and baked purely for fun by myself and Amanda McCracken, the all-natural, wholesome cupcakes will include several mystery MaxMuscle ingredients. Fill out a comment card indicating which of numerous choices you detect for a chance to receive a Max Muscle giveaway. From chocolate espresso to gluten free almond chip, various flavors will be featured at select Stroke & Strides. Amounts will be limited, however, so hurry over to the tent before they're gone!

Photo credit: Kim Siciliano