Quick Post: Veggie-Go's from Naked Edge

For several weeks now, I've been meaning to send out a short blast to share a fresh, wholesome snack line I happened upon.  Please disregard my end-of-summer lethargy in actually following through, if you well: I wasn't asked to do a review, but I was bowled over by the product. I'm always trying to brainstorm simple veggie bites that serve as mini pick-me-ups, but even when we find our favorites, they can be awkward to incorporate, especially when we're thinking along the lines of, say, lunchbox stuffing. I love homemade hummus and veggies, for instance, but what vegetable can really compete with the portable, easy sweetness and crunch of an apple, for instance, on a regular basis?

This was my idle conundrum one afternoon, prior to attending a Naturally Boulder event on Pearl Street with my amazing and persuasive friend Jen (who may never fully realize the extent of my relief that I was not the lucky winner for the one-minute speaking opportunity! ). My thoughts loitered wistfully on how I miss the chewy tang of fruit snacks, and how nice it would be to have a veggie-loaded version on-hand. Hours later, lo and behold, I got the privilege of sampling assorted Veggie-Go's, from the Naked Edge (wholesomely exposed snacks). These  are exactly what I wished for...all natural fruit leather just bursting with superb nutrition. Created by a conscious, passionate Boulder couple after a year of living and eating on organic farms throughout Europe, these better-bites are not exactly what you'd call cheap...but aspiring to be frugal implies quality economy, wouldn't you say? Cheap is sort of like the mite-infested motel room we're all better off avoiding. And, coming in delectable assorted flavors including mulled wine and sweet potato pie, they really do offer whole family appeal. Sweet fruitiness for kids (try mountain berry spinach) and energizing sophistication for adults (sweet pea green tea). Veggie-Go's are available in various locations throughout Boulder, and also online.


Wendy McMillan1 Comment