Hot Product: The Better Chip


You've probably noticed, I don't often do product reviews, what with being so engrossed in Kitchen Science/DIY. But lately I've been stumbling upon products that really do wow me, and underscore the incredible trend towards better methods, ingredients, and portions. We may have to pay a little more for the quality, but that just adds incentive to equally important moderation. Whether you're a chips and dips, chips and salsa, or crunch and munch for crunch alone kind of person, you'll want to look out for The Better Chip chips. Here's why: standout taste, natural ingredients, no preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, animal bi-products, or cholesterol, and crazy crunch. They're even produced in a completely nut free environment.

These double-thick, all natural tortilla chips  come in jalapeno and sea salt, sweet onion and white cheddar, red pepper and salsa fresca, and fresh corn and sea salt flavors, and are available in handy 1 and 2 ounce snack packs, and 6 ounce deli packs. They taste like a harmonious love affair between tortilla chip and potato chips. That may sound strange coming from me, since I don't personally care for most potato chips. They're often too greasy and leave your skin with an uncomfortably semi-oily itchy feeling--a powerful deterrent, considering we can get that feeling from putting them in our mouths, not smearing on our faces. But these have more of a temptingly tasty and healthier than expected quality that embody the appeal potato chips have in general. I'd even say they pose a little bit of danger to otherwise orderly and structured cabinetry (snacks are Dave's height only, and I rarely experience any longing for his "shelf").

It sounds like an ad line, but you really get flavor explosion with each crunch. That's hugely owing to quality ingredients, and their propotions. Straight from the package of red pepper and salsa fresca flavor (which is awesome): the recipe "includes 40% fresh red bell pepper and onion pieces that put the flavor inside the chip; combined with non-GMO corn masa and finished with a light dusting of natural spices". Great with dips, but equally so dip-less, my only issue with The Better Chip is that they're not currently available in Colorado, though they're trying. Currently available in 13 states, this fresh new brand is bound to work its way into every corner over time. In the meantime, look out for it and help with a little urging when you can.

We all know deprivation only creates greater desire, but you needn't fear that you'll splurge too much by giving in a little. You can eat just one. You probably won't want to, but you can stop within reason, unlike fake foods engineered to increase your cravings and foster food addiction. And chances are you won't have reason to linger with guilty later, anyway.

Disclosure: I was provided with samples but was not paid to write this post.

Wendy McMillanComment