Better Whey of Life Yogurt

I know, I just made a point of saying I don't tend to review products very often, and within two weeks, I've found two new products I can't resist sharing. You may have heard me whine (just a little) about the tests and trials I've been enduring perfecting the supposedly easy process of making yogurt. For various reasons, I've had several failures, along with a few successes. First they were on the amusing side, and then they became plain annoying. Most recent: the slow cooker yogurt. This was the seemingly long, easy way of yogurt making without a yogurt maker. I equated it in my brain to a long, slow run, something I enjoy. Perhaps that's why I felt inexplicably a little offended when the pure concoction of beautiful consistency that resulted had an odd taste I can only describe as "slow-cooker ghost meals" attached, like a bad aftertaste.

Long story short: I'm not sure it's worth my while, with all the other, much more rewarding creative kitchen tasks dabbling each week, to regularly prioritize homemade yogurt. That said, I'm not about to run out to buy a rod of fluorescent GoGurt, and a lot of "grown-up" yogurts aren't much better when  it comes to heavy amounts of sugar, coloring and additives. That's why I'm excited about Better Whey of Life brand yogurt.

There are a lot of yogurt styles being marketed right now, and I need to do a little research on the ins and outs of Greek versus Australian, and how many live and active cultures are optimal, etc. Regardless of what I learn, however, I do know that when I eat yogurt I want it to be naturally rich in protein and low in sugar, and it should taste like something worth eating in the first place, too.

Better Whey of Life recently hit the shelves in Colorado, and is available in King Soopers and City Market stores. Launched by Tula Foods, Inc, a healthy foods manufacturer, Better Whey of Life uses whey protein from grass-fed cows. While many Greek yogurts strain out the whey, rich in amino acids that help maintain muscle and burn fat, the Better Whey of Life brand uses a unique process that retains the whey.

The best part of the delicious, thick, creamy product to me (aside from creamy deliciousness, that is) is that there are only 4 grams of sugar per 6 ounce cup (compare to other brands, and you'll see a difference of up to over 20 grams). It's high in calcium, even higher than typical brands, contains prebiotics and probiotics, and is free from artificial ingredients. Bonus, four of the six current flavors are extraordinary: there's your standard, must-have plain and vanilla bean, but also strawberry goji berry, raspberry white grape, acai mixed berry, and blackberry pomegranate, created with assistance from a James Beard award winning chef.

I'm not saying I'm throwing in the towel on homemade yogurt. But products like these make it tempting. And, seeing the movement towards real health,  not just claims reeking with chemicals and empty calories, is just whey (ok, sorry...way) cool.

Wendy McMillanComment