Clean & Green Grill


   First of all, let it be known that we're on vacation, and I'm typing on an iPad. I can't upload photos, except from said iPad, and I'm not actually sure if I can really do that,  when it comes to a blog post. In any case, please forgive (or enjoy) the brevity of this post, as well as lack of visuals and any unfortunate typos. All that aside, bear with me, if for just a cursory skim, because within the roughly thrown together casement is a little gem from one of my very favorite resources, crazily simple, cheap, and effective grill cleaner. Yes--the halting, semi-asthmatic, never really left the ground grill challenge is still alive!

Don't you just love it when easy meets Eco meets budget all at once? I suppose that happens regularly in food, with simply prepared whole ingredients being astounding beyond any complicated interpretation of gourmet. Nevertheless, it always carries a bubbly little feeling of surprise (the good kind) when little things please. It makes me feel like unwrapping a fairy parcel delivered by elves. Even when the vehicle for the surprise is nothing more extraordinary than plain Jane vegetable oil.

We're in Tofino, BC, and the seafood is exquisite. Everything is splendid, in fact, but as much as I'd like to, I can't linger on that now, because I've already had numerous stubborn disputes with this but temperamental iPad just getting this far. It seems obsessed with someone named Cecilia, for instance, because her name keeps infiltrating my sentences in place of less romantic but logical words like "once" and "cheap". Later, when we're back, I'll share some pics.

Returning to seafood, you can't help but have a hankering for it in the clean, fresh, salty air here. And, you just know you've got to prepare it in the cleanest, most unadulterated way possible. To grill, do yourself a favor and give your grill a little spritz. It takes less than 5 minutes active time,with this great Rodale tip. All you need is a wire grill brush, tongs, a paper towel, and some vegetable oil.  Preheat your grill (it's best to work with a warm grill, because bits will scrape off better). Once the grill's warmed up, turn off and scrape off the crunchy charcoal chunks with your brush. Wad up a paper towel and soak it with some vegetable oil. Use the tongs to clutch the paper towel to clean the finer soot from the grill, and wallah. Your grill has a glowing grin ready for its/your next meal.

In the pretty awful photo below, you may be able to see the difference between the untouched right side of the grill with the cleaner left side. The left is the result of literally just two minutes quick cleaning using this method. I really wish I could tell you more about Tofino, but it'll have to wait for now.  I do have to say, though, the odd juxtapositions within a day on vacation can be just ridiculous. An hour ago I was running on the beach, taking in the sensation of sea meets sky, and feeling in touch with the very curvature of the earth, so alive and breathless and free. Now, here I am writing lusty but pedestrian thoughts on vegetable oil grill cleaner, and yeah, I'm fine with that. Big and little, it all matters. It's perspective that's  most important.