O Fruity Tree...


Wishing everyone a magical merry Christmas from jolly old England! Lucky me, I got to harness the enthusiastic energy and busy hands of our rosy-cheeked, talented, super star niece and nephew to make this fun and fruity edible Christmas tree craft. Thanks to Live. Learn. Love. Eat. for the inspirational idea and guide; this is a keeper and repeater! For the base, stack a pear, using toothpicks, on top of a skinned pineapple. Before you affix the pear, reserve a crosswise pineapple slice to make a star using a cookie cutter. Several hands, assorted fruits, and plenty of toothpicks make for light work and laughter, and before you know it, you have a Christmas tree of vitamin C. Hope it adds even more bright and cheery color to a sparkling holiday season, and we all have a happy, healthy new year ahead! :)