Coconut milk whipped cream


I know how it must look. Like I'm taking advantage of the last (roughly) 6 weeks to go and raking in the desserts while I can still play the pregnancy card. Or maybe that's just my guilt-trained conscience being paranoid--not just for the string of treat posts, but for the slew that are lined up in my head!

I haven't really been splurging with sweets, though I'm not saying the thought hasn't crossed my mind. At 34 weeks, things are still going well, and I have yet to relinquish tasks and activities I was convinced I would have let go of/handed over by now. I've been experiencing a little bit of an enhanced sweet tooth, but it's summer, and for the most part watermelon and frozen grapes provide perfect satisfaction. Except for this past weekend when  awesome friends spoiled me with not one, but two baby showers...and frozen yogurt with rhubarb compote plus Great Harvest pumpkin chip and lemon raspberry breads at one, and the most gorgeous homemade cupcakes at the other (THANK YOU, Melissa & Jen/Steph & Terri!). Yeah, the frozen grapes didn't quite cut it for a good 24-hours after that.

The real intention for this coconut milk whipped cream was to treat Dave. He's had a jam-packed, sweaty summer so far, working hard as usual, and fitting in high altitude ultra-training while being the most ridiculously supportive and excited Dad-to-be ever. He's brought himself back from the brink of getting sick/injured by doing too much too many times to count, and I really wanted to have some sweet and indulgent surprises for him when he got back from the San Juan Solstice (tough 50-miler) last week.

Dave's favorite frozen pie--the one on the inside of the Baker's German Baking Chocolate box--hasn't made an appearance for years...because it uses Cool Whip, and I don't. But when I saw this post on coconut milk whipped cream from theKitchn, I felt a little chagrined I hadn't even bothered to try out an easy and obvious replacement (like regular whipped cream, even).

Not too unlike finding out you're pregnant and thereafter noticing every pregnant belly and small child with new eyes, now that I've found coconut milk whipped cream it seems to be everywhere. To the "wonder what took me so long" point. It's used on this beautiful watermelon cake Jamie posted on Facebook today, which I have to say looks like a pretty awesome and alluring summer craft. What's nicest about this whipped cream, though, is that it's something simple that feels decadent without being so bad. I didn't add any sweetener; you really don't need it. You don't need anything on fresh blueberries, either...but a dollop of this and it feels like you're pampering yourself, in a kind way. Something I'm learning we should do on occasion while we can.

 Coconut milk whipped cream (thanks to theKitchn!)

  • 1 15-ounce can full-fat coconut milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla or to taste (optional)
  1. Place can of coconut milk in the refrigerator and leave overnight, or until well-chilled.
  2. Open the can, and scoop out the firm, waxy top layer that has solidified at the top. Place in a mixer or large bowl.
  3. Blend with mixer or hand beaters at high speed, about 5 minutes. Whip until fluffy and light, adding in vanilla (and any sweetener), if using.