Two Pregnancy Product Saviors

I haven't been much in the mood for posting lately, only because I've been sick, and being third trimester pregnant and sick  sucks. I really can't complain much, because everything has honestly gone swimmingly up until the past week or so. So much better than I would have expected. But I got run down, and was hit with a double whammy, an upper respiratory infection plus pregnancy-induced acid reflux. The result has been utter misery and NO sleep for constant hacking. Luckily though, I'm on the Z-pack now, and on the mend. I can feel positive spirits slowly returning, and creative thoughts venturing beyond the topics of mucus, moroseness, and chicken broth. Also, I'm remembering things like how I wanted to share two items that have been just utterly brilliant throughout pregnancy, at least one of which is 100% awesomeness whether you're pregnant or not. They're not culinary, but I do use them in the kitchen.

Well in advance of the baby's arrival-to-be, Dave set to belly-proofing our life full throttle. What I mean is, he showed commendable energy and focus figuring out how to make the hormonal 10 months of baby-growing as comfortable and informed as possible. A new nonslip bathmat and BPA-free, eco-friendly curtain appeared magically in the shower, breastfeeding and midwifery sites were bookmarked, and I got this amazing , sustainable Imprint comfort anti-fatigue mat with no curl edges placed in prime position in the kitchen:

Until you've tried it, you can't fully appreciate how amazing the difference is standing on one of these. It conforms to the shape of your feet and provides both comfort and stable support. It's no secret I love cooking, and I didn't want to let the occasional backache and growing sense of heaviness force too much of a backoff. Thanks to this one purchase, I haven't really had to, and here we are closing in on 37 weeks. These mats have been tested and shown to reduce overall fatigue and discomfort by 60%...excellent for everyone, and revolutionary for anyone with issues such as chronic back trouble.

The other thing that has been an absolute saving grace--and pairs nicely with my comfort mat--is the Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt. I wasn't going to bother with one, but wonderful, gorgeous Tressa gave me hers, and I largely attribute the fact that I'm still running (albeit a very loose, modest interpretation of "running") in my late third trimester because of it. It adjusts to accommodate your evolving belly, is comfortable, and offers amazing abdominal and lower back support. I wouldn't be surprised if it even helps ward off stretch marks. I wear it on most hikes, a large number of walks, and all "runs", but also in the kitchen. When I'll be standing for awhile, cooking or cleaning up, there's a night and day difference in how I feel depending on if I put it on.

No one asked me to post review on these products, but they've been so beautiful to me I had to record their worth somewhere, whether here or the baby log. I hope baby agrees that the treatment we've received from them has been good. Not long now till we can ask him in person... :)