Product review: The Better Chip, spinach & kale with sea salt

I don't often do product least, they're few and far between. Yet here we go with the second product-focused post in a row. That's the way the chips fall sometimes, I guess, some chips being better than others. It goes without saying of course, The Better Chip is one of those good--and better--ones.

I'm happy to say, I am feeling soooo much better this week than I had been for the two previous, so much so I can make and follow through on plans again (hooray!). That said, pregnancy acid reflux well and truly bites. Not that you'd be in any doubt, but it is no fun at all.

I guess I'm lucky in a sense, for me the reflux reaction is manifesting as random but regular, sometimes uncontrollable coughing spells that stop short of actually gagging. There don't seem to be any clear triggers, but (a bit of a given) meals are no more, and steady, small snacks are the order of the day. How nice for me then, when it comes to the timing of a happy introduction to The Better Chip's newest flavor, Spinach & Kale.

I'm not one to go for lots of prepared snacks, but I do love a good corn chip. Problem is, how hard is it to find corn anything that's GMO-free? Even farm fresh, beautiful ears of corn keep you wondering more often than not. The Better Chip products are verified non-GMO, all natural, and as made in a completely nut-free environment.

Last time I was sent some of these chips to review, they weren't yet available in Colorado. Since then, the company has expanded its range considerably. In our state, you can buy them at King Sooper's. They're available through Amazon, too. As for the new flavor, can you really go wrong with the likes of power greens spinach and kale? You can actually see the pressed torn leaves in each chip. They taste as fresh as a chip with any kind of shelf life whatsoever can get. That's the kind of snacking I want to support.