Recipe Roundup: Holiday recipes on the Ancient Harvest site!

polenta_bites (5) 'Tis two days before Christmas and no time for writing, but (for me) these links are kind of exciting! I'll post them here quickly, but just want to say, I hope you're all having the best holiday!

(Sorry so cheesy... can't help myself sometimes.) Ancient Harvest ingredients are sooo much fun to play with, and these recipes have been especially rewarding because I've made most of them multiple times already. There are a bunch more I want to share, but they're not up yet...will post when they are! Happy holidays!

Warming mushroom and kale risotto: Simple comfort food that feels good.

Citrus salmon and herbed ancient grains: Easy and beautiful.

Harvest veggie skillet mac & cheese: Bright, gorgeous, hassle-free.

Quinoa cranberry chip cookies: Instructions are written for a gift jar. These are really, really good. Can hardly believe they're gluten free. I personally think the coconut oil version has just an edge.

Quinoa stuffed mushrooms: Cheesy and vegan (uses salsa) versions. Really simple and delicious appetizer. The mix can be prepared a couple days in advance if you want to, making for super quick assembly just before serving.

Fig and goat cheese polenta bites: Another appetizer that conveys more work than goes into it! Again, you can make the topping days before and store in the fridge. It's also great in phyllo cups for a smaller bite.

Slow cooker sweet potato and black bean soup: more easy, good-for-you comfort food.