Recipe Roundup!

So a whole bunch of recipes for Ancient Harvest have been posted, and I haven't had time to share the links! Rather than let this become like the email that doesn't ever get sent because it's not thorough enough though, I'm taking the  approach that a text is better than silence. Here you go, quick links, a little description: Kale, fennel and citrus quinoa salad: If you haven't tried roasted fennel, do! It's like vegetable candy. The sliced almonds really round out the flavors and textures.

quinoa nicoise salad (14)

Nicoise salad with ancient grains: Ancient Harvest's Sea Salt & Herb Culinary Ancient Grains blend is PERFECT as a base for the gorgeous array of colors and quality ingredients. This was really fun to photograph (and eat/share).

lentil_bolog (10)

Lentil bolognese: I LOVE this. It's going to be a serious go-to. So easy to assemble, hearty and versatile. Easy to add to and re-purpose as soup or stew later in the week, and just the right touch of heat!

choc_pudding (4)

Mexican chocolate quinoa pudding: Fudgy and so meltaway good warm. Delicious chilled, too...and EASY.

Maple cinnamon quinoa granola: Have I already shared this link? Either way, it's become my favorite granola to make.


Spinach salad with quinoa, pomegranate and persimmons: Beautiful and luscious, but I think we're wandering into repeat territory now for sure, so going to quit with the commentary, except to say

Asian sesame ginger macaroni salad has become another favorite standby--can be quickly made, prepped ahead, done in stages, changed up to suit your mood...also love

Tomato seafood stew with red lentil rotelle, Moroccan vegetable noodle soup and this arrabiatta!

"Snail mail" equivalent soon! :)