Ancient Harvest Recipe Roundup: May


It's almost July, and I'm still wondering, where did May go? I almost forgot to share these mostly simple, colorful, delicious, fun-to-make-and-photograph Ancient Harvest recipes. I've had a bunch of other projects brewing too...hoping to stretch time just that little bit further in order to share soon! Happy Friday! :) avocado salad polenta (16)

Grilled polenta with tomato avocado salad: So quick to assemble, it's light and fresh enough for a small plate/starter and hearty enough to easily bulk up for dinner.

ratatouille pagodas (13)

Roasted ratatouille pasta This was made with Ancient Harvest garden pagodas, but the roasted veggie combination has a savory richness that goes great as a side, in a wrap, or over fish, mashed sweet potatoes, grains, anything.

porridge (17)

Savory spring vegetable breakfast porridge This took me by surprise. I've typically used quinoa flakes like I would oats; as a topping or coating, or in baked goods. I wasn't fully prepared for how robust they'd be as "instant quinoa", or how suited to a vegetable porridge.

ricotta herb muffins (11)

Quinoa ricotta herb muffins Another quick and easy to make and bake, and really flavorful. The fun part is adapting the seasonings. The flavors of the herbs really come through.

lettuce wraps (5)

Crunchy ginger quinoa lettuce wraps This one is the most time-consuming to make, but by far my favorite. Prep can be simplified hugely, to, such as by purchasing shredded cabbage or chopping in advance here and there when time allows. I love the filling on it's own, as quinoa cabbage slaw.