Recipe Roundup: July


It's been awhile--yet again--since I've posted a roundup of recipes created for Ancient Harvest; I've been busy with some really fun ones in the works! Won't bore you with blather; here are a few of the latest, with love. :) turkey quinoa meatballs (8)

Turkey Quinoa Meatballs with Korean BBQ Sauce: I was really happy with these, and that means a lot when you consider how rarely I eat meat! The sauce makes the meal for me, with a tangy Asian zing, but these lean meatballs are deliciously easygoing, and great with marinara, sweet and sour, or whatever you want to go with.

apricot shortcakes (9)

Gluten-Free Apricot Quinoa Shortcakes: Easy to make, easier to change up with any fruits, or even savory toppings. Pretty served as dessert, but wholesome enough for snacks.

roast endive salad (7)

Roasted Endive, Quinoa and Apricot Salad: Sweet surprise--roasted endive tastes like candy! Kind of like the way fennel does, but without the aniseed notes. That's all I need to say. :)

quinoa lentil burgers (18)

Lentil and Mushroom Quinoa Burgers: These patties are deceptively uncomplicated, and they're adult and toddler-approved! Cook a sweet potato in advance, use canned lentils if you wish...there are lots of shortcuts that make assembly on the day simple and fuss-free. Plus, there are so many variations waiting to be explored.


Happy weekend! :)