Product review: Razz Tightening Serum from Colorado Aromatics

20150921_093425 This post has been backlogged in drafts so long it's shameful. I suppose it's taken a back seat--or more like, behind the back seat, shoved in the trunk in a hidden little ball-- because I don't often do product reviews, and when I do, they're naturally about food. These days, however, I tend to hope that I appear more rested than I actually am, and keep company with a whole bunch of others who find themselves feeling the same more often than not. And a snappy little serum from Colorado Aromatics called "Razz Tightening Serum" has been lending a hand so mystically refreshing, I wanted to share.

I was introduced to Colorado Aromatics at the Longmont Farmers Market, and to founder Cindy Jones, a local biochemist, herbalist and author, through LiveWell Longmont, when she generously offered to donate a giveaway. Cindy grows many of the herbs found in her products on her Certified Naturally Grown farm at 5,000 feet elevation not far from Long’s Peak which summits over 14,000 feet. She extracts the herbs through distillation, infusions, tinctures and decoction, to use in her cosmetics line, and is committed to creating quality products that offer protection and enhance natural beauty.

When Cindy offered me a trial of the Razz Tightening Serum, I was pleasantly indifferent. I have't really had concerns about wrinkles, though I'm aware of fine lines around the eyes and prefer not to swell on them. What's more, my body typically reacts sensitively to over-sensitively to everything, from caffeine to harsh words. Truly. Cue a little skepticism.

You know how sometimes, when a bit of clutter accumulates you put the blinders up and stop noticing it? But when it's tidied up suddenly, there's a noticeable improvement? A little of the serum around the eyes and I noticed a renewed smoothness. I actually felt a subtle tingling...a pleasant one, like cells were being revitalized.  "The ingredients are chosen so as to form a film over the skin that helps to pull and tighten it," Cindy says. "These include tannins from raspberry leaf and polysaccharides from algae extracts. Long term, the ingredients help to promote collagen production and reduce oxidative stress."

I'm not expecting to cheat time or rewind with this little serum. But I'm enjoying it. Not only have I observed a positive effect, I trust it and it feels good. It's easy to recommend Colorado Aromatics. Check out the beautiful range of products, and enjoy.