Recipe roundup: it's been too long! (Those chocolate avocado brownies and a few favorites for fall/early winter)


I haven't posted a recipe round-up of dishes created for companies in a long time. That's because I had it in mind that I'd shift to posting a little background or anecdote on each individually. Only there never seems to be enough time. And it finally occurred to me, if I'm not finding time to slap them up one-by-one attached to a blurb or two, you're not swimming in leisure time for extra reading, even light phone reading. And some of these have  to be shared for the holiday season. Although, it has to be said, only one is really as enticingly festive as the gluten free quinoa cookies (most vegan or with a vegan option) that are coming soon. Seriously, they're almost too good, and I'm saying that without a sense of personal involvement, but more as one who appreciates the magic of teaming ingredients that take off on their own. Recipes coming very soon. Stay tuned. ;) Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet potato casserole with quinoa-pecan topping: Hands down, my new favorite non-dessert-but-could-be recipe. I LOVE it. The combination isn't anything all that elusive, and yet the blend of wholesomeness with flavor still manages to contain wow factor that surprises, especially given the overall modesty of this appealing dish. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, name it, and my toddler can, too.




Pumpkin quinoa cheesecake: Sometime, I'm experimenting with a vegan version of this cheesecake. I don't know if I'll try with tofu first, or some kind of non-dairy Greek-style yogurt, or cashews; I just know the making of this dish tempted me for more than a cook's conscientious taste, and if dairy still fit in our diet this aromatic, nicely spiced and pleasingly light textured cheesecake would, too.

polenta mushrooms1

Easy mushroom polenta bites: These are almost too easy to include, but who isn't looking for packed flavor plus beauty with easy prep over the holidays? Sometimes you just need the reminder of what works, and rich mushrooms thrown on polenta rounds always works.



Slow cooker chicken/vegetable stew with quinoa dumplings: I love how hearty and versatile this stew just about anything in the slow cooker! The dumplings are simple to put together and add in last minute. They spread brightly like smiling faces bubbling over the top. For a vegetarian version, I've added barley or lentils and beans in place of the meat, along with a bunch of different extra vegetables on hand.


Chocolate zucchini brownies: It's possible I've already posted these, but they are seriously divine, so I'm taking a chance on double-posting. They have a melting, velvety taste that is so scrumptious and decadent, yet their is a lot of goodness packed in there, including cooked quinoa, avocado and zucchini, with just 1/4 cup coconut oil and a little bit of pure maple syrup plus dark chocolate for sweetener.



Quinoa peanut butter and jelly bars: Another one I might have posted before but am wild about (enough that I refuse to make them too often). They are loaded with childhood nostalgia, and come together so quickly and easily! I've used almond and cashew butters, and always fruit-only jam.