Freelance Writer
I have written articles, website, newsletter, and social copy for a variety of organizations and outlets, including St. Vrain Valley School District; Longmont Downtown Development Authority; Boulder Daily Camera; Longmont Times-Call; Longmont Magazine; Loveland Magazine; At Home Magazine; Broomfield Enterprise; Vibrant Health (Silver Hills Bakery, Little Northern Bakehouse brands); SoundWell Music Therapy; Natural Solutions Magazine; Natural Health Magazine; Delicious Living; 5280, and others. 

I have developed recipes professionally for Ancient Harvest/Quinoa Corporation (recipes and photographs); Madhava Natural Sweeteners (recipes); Natural Solutions Magazine (recipes); and other organizations. I have further provided recipe testing and compilation for Yoga Journal.

LiveWell Longmont External Communications Consultant, February 2012- June 2018
As an independent contractor for LiveWell Longmont, I am responsible for coordinating, producing, and assisting with various publications and promotions, including monthly e-newsletters, press releases, articles, social media and other  materials. I also maintain website content for .

Articles include:

  • "Sharing is Caring, Educating, Preserving & Learning: Eagle Crest Elementary Food Share Table", Longmont Magazine, March/April 2018

  • "Banking on Community: Food Bank for Larimer County Works for a Hunger-Free County", Loveland Magazine, Feb/Mar 2018

  • "Traegan Industries: Creating New Loves from Old Treasures: atHome, March 2, 2018

  • "Longmont parent group combats ill effects of sugary beverages", Longmont Times-Call/Boulder Daily Camera, January 31, 2018

  • "Nourishing Community: Silver Creek Leadership Academy Capstone Project Combines Love of Food with Love for Longmont", Longmont Magazine January/February 2018

  • "Three Goals for the New Year (and Tips to Make them Stick)", Longmont Magazine January/February 2018

  • "Boulder Twins Maryn and Colter Heap are Kids' Kritics", Boulder Daily Camera, November 29, 2017

  • "Erie students grow healthy food in school garden and find peace of mind", Longmont Times-Call, September 6, 2017

  • "Ollin Farms in Longmont marks a decade of community nourishment", Longmont Times-Call, July 19 2017

  • “McMeatless on the Grill: Top 5 Veggie Burgers in America,” Natural Health Magazine, June/July, 2011

  • “Have Your Guac and Eat It Too: Healthy Mexican Cuisine,” Natural Health Magazine, March/April, 2011

  • “Knit’s In,” Longmont Magazine, February, 2011

  • “Give the Gift of Adventure,” Longmont Magazine, December, 2010

  • “Conscious Choice: Same Taste, Less Waste with Quaker,” Natural Health, February, 2011

  • “What to Do With Summer Surplus,” Natural Solutions, August, 2010

  • Mercury Rising: Locals Work for Healing and Awareness,” Times-Call, August, 2010

  • Numerous “In Season” and other front-of-book shorts for Natural Solutions Magazine, including: tart cherries, basil, artichokes, rainbow chard, collard greens, chives, calendula, black currents, papaya, brown rice for diabetics, blueberries for lowering cholesterol, molasses, figs, watermelon, spaghetti squash, L-carnitine

  • “Eat To Look Young,” Natural Solutions Magazine, June, 2010

  • Articles for Livestrong, online: Garlic for Colds and Flu, Spironolactone, Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair. Summer, 2010

  • Numerous “couples-themed features” for the Longmont Times-Call, including: Craig and Jen Howie, Dennis and Nancy Hurianek, Kim and Jake Rosenbarger: “Kim and Jake’s Cakes”

  • “Memorable Memories, Healing Notes: Music for Seniors,” Longmont Times-Call, December, 2010

  • “Minimizing Emissions,” Longmont Magazine, March, 2009

  • Probing Probiotics,” Trail Runner Magazine, July, 2009

  • “Sweet Race,” Trail Runner Magazine, April, 2009

  • Eat to Run for Life,” Trail Runner Magazine, February, 2009

  • Taste the Rainbow,” Longmont Magazine, Fall 2009

  • Longmont Goes for Green,” Longmont Magazine, Fall 2009

  • Great Grains,” Longmont Magazine, Spring 2009

  • Eco-Entertaining,” Longmont Magazine, Spring 2009

  • Handle Spring Allergies,” Longmont Magazine, Spring 2009

  • Sweet Tidings: 5 Easy Ways to Ditch Sugar with recipes,” Natural Solutions, November, 2008

  • “The Immune-Boosting Diet: 9 foods to help you stay well all season long,” Natural Solutions Magazine, October, 2008

  • Fiber-rich Foods,” Delicious Living Magazine, December, 2008

  • Cool Beans,” Natural Solutions Magazine, December, 2008

  • “Wholesome Hemp,” Delicious Living Magazine, November, 2008

  • “Incredible Breads,” Delicious Living Magazine, November, 2008

  • “Out of Africa,” Short for 5280 Magazine, September, 2008

  • Eat to Read (and teach!),” CCIRA online journal, Summer 2008

  • Fatigue Fighters,” Natural Solutions Magazine, March, 2008

  • “Lessons Down the Toilet: How Ralph Fletcher Changed My Writing Workshop,” CCIRA Journal, Fall 2008

I have had poems featured in numerous journals, including Afterthoughts (Canada), The Red Wheelbarrow (Scotland), and most recently, Light (Departure/Fall 2017) and Punch Drunk Press online


Plot to Plate: Grow, Cook, Create! 
This was a project of love, a 3-year journey with my dear friend, former and forever teaching teammate, and co-author. 

Plot to Plate: Grow, Cook, Create! provides a practical, seasonal journey through food life for young children (PK-grade 2), their families, and teachers. This nonfiction children's book includes planting suggestions for container and conventional gardens; healthy, kid-tested recipes; science activities; and crafts using and relating to fresh and home-grown produce.

Currently we are developing Plot to Plate: Grow, Cook, Create! into an after-school program for students grades K-2, with an aim to expand into early childhood. The Plot to Plate: Kids Create after school curriculum will align with Colorado state standards and offer a range of hands-on, meaningful activities that can support, extend, and enhance learning. It will draw together resources that combine a sense of wonder, joy and knowledge of growing, cooking, and sharing together in family-friendly fashion. Moreover, activities will align with Colorado state standards, and incorporate and purposefully highlight regular movement breaks.

Additional book credits include:

  • Contributed 2 stories to Boulder County Celebrations. c 2011, Times-Call

  • Contributed 10 stories to Boulder: A Celebration of 150 Years. c 2009, Times-Call

Additional Featured Recipes

  • Crustless Smoked Turkey and Spinach Quiche was featured Reader Recipe in Cooking Light, June, 2008

  • Black Bean Fudge Cakes were featured Reader Recipe in Clean Eating, April, 2009

  • Gluten free recipes featured in Longmont Magazine

  • Numerous recipes featured in Door-to-Door Organics, Colorado