Baked polenta fries with honey mustard sauce


Cutting rolls of prepared polenta into fun fry shapes, an impish, nagging little wisp of a thought flit through my mind. Is this kind of snack going to be just a transparent attempt at trickery one day, maybe soon? Something we can't quite buy into, like tofurkey and friends? No offense intended to Tofurkey. Actually, I like a lot of faux meats, and I love Native Foods. But I'll opt for a soybean that says it's a soybean over one packaged like meatloaf first, without hesitation. Fries1

Little Monkey, who is now my Little Big Boy, or maybe Little Sous Chef, is so far an adventurous, hearty and appreciative eater, and we feel wholeheartedly lucky for that. I don't expect it to always be an easy ride, and he is an independent little adventurer, too, with big feelings and passionate convictions. I'm consciously trying not to present food in a way that loads it up with heavy symbolism, or creates anxiety...not the most straightforward goal it turns out. But I do talk about food choices, and count on his active and curious, beautiful 2-year old brain to take away some meaning here and there. "This is a better-for-our-bodies treat" is one phrase that pops up often in our day-to-day.

When these "fries" came out of the oven, the giggles and grins that bloomed over this "better-for-our-bodies treat" were great confirmation that, at least for awhile, there will be no suspected subterfuge they're served up as a snack or side. Tasty, so easy, crunchy, and bright and beautiful to boot.


That's all I really have to say about these polenta fries, but I do have to give in to Mama Bear instinct and share a morsel that is related but also off topic, a bit. The past two weeks, we've done play date swaps  with our sweet, fun little friend and neighbor Tuesday and Thursday afternoons while moms take turns with work.  Four year old Ruby is vivacious and adorable, and my Little Big Boy has a big crush. Both Thursdays we've made "better for your body treats": one day it was these easy applesauce oatmeal cookies, and the other it was frozen banana whip/ice cream.

Those two were so infectiously giddy with delight in creating those treats! They made the most marvelous mess spooning the cookie batter, and they jumped and squealed with joy when the Vitamix blended up the bananas. But the best part was when, bringing some dishes into the sink, I heard my Little Big Boy saying, "Rooby, better body. Better body, Rooby", amid both their lip-smackings and Mmmms. Who knows what tomorrow brings, but that is a mommy win I am going to relish forever.

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