Simple blender peach (or most fruits) sorbet

Who's good at meditation? Not me. Those who have reached a zen level of practice and being would generously assert that just trying is succeeding, I know. But as the one most intimately aware with the specifics, I think I can fairly assess that I'm pretty abysmal. What I am good at is reading about meditation. I'm fascinated by it. Did you know, apparently mere minutes of meditation positive changes expression of hundreds, maybe thousands of genomes? Benefits are mind-boggling, covering anti-anxiety , anti-inflammatory, and pro-happiness benefits on a staggering scale.

sorbet5 Unfortunately fascination and even transcendent goals like obtaining inner peace and a longer, happier life do not easily translate into practice and work. But this summer, I've been trying to make short evening walks around the neighborhood, just me and doggie, into dual purpose walking meditations.

Since sitting and maintaining posture has been one of the most challenging aspects of attempting to meditate, you'd think the built-in activity of walking meditation would be loads easier. Just walk, breathe, and focus on said breath for a solid start. But walking is also conducive to lots of thinking, and observations that sometimes achieve such feelings of clarity they feel in line with meditation, yet deceptive distractions, too. They, and these walking meditation efforts themselves, are kind of like contranyms.

sorbet Contranyms, in case the word seems familiar but isn't, are the opposite of synonyms, as they sound. Two disparate meanings. And yes, I deliberately found a way to insert that word because last week I remembered I had forgotten the weird existed and became reacquainted with it. And when that happens, (the reuniting part, not the associated question mark of memory loss and creeping senility), isn't it so pleasant finding opportunities to play?

But, the whole point of this post... This sorbet. This summer, I had the happy task of getting to experiment and create some more with delectable Madhava honeys. Lemon has the loveliest tang that is perfect for sweet treats like sorbet. And the other evening, there was something about the golden glow of the waning afternoon, the way it seemed to be bidding everything goodbye with warm kisses just as evening began to sweep in. I was distracted from my fumbling meditation with  a geekily cheerful image of this sorbet. Seriously. I am such a nerd.

sorbet2 But really, this sorbet. It's like tasting the sunset, only chilled. Lemon ginger honey lovely, but you can go without. Just about any fruit combination works, too. You've probably seen a super cool video that has become ubiquitous on Facebook making sorbet with honeydew, and it is awesome. The flavor tastes treat-like yummy and grown-up somehow, too. Unique.

You don't really even have to include honey to blend up deliciousness, and there is infinite room for variation. Whatever blend you go with, it's going to feel blissfully indulgent yet also like an appropriate choice with breakfast. It's so simple it seems to defy positing/writing up yet must be shared. It's kind of its own contranym. (See what I did there? I know. Goofy. But are connections everywhere, when we want them.)

Simple Blender Peach Sorbet

  • 2 cups chopped peaches, frozen and slightly thawed
  • ¼ cup honey or less (I used Madhava Organic Lemon Zest Ginger Honey)
  • ½ cup water or coconut water
  1. In a high-speed blender or food processor, combine all ingredients.
  2. Blend until smooth and creamy.
  3. Serve immediately or transfer to a container and freeze for 30 minutes to one hour. *This recipe can be adapted to most frozen fruits. Try mixed berries or honeydew for variety.