Fall (or any) fruits crisp


fall-fruits-crisp This is both are-post and update, but mostly the latter. When I first posted it, it was as a plum (or any fruits) crisp.  Everyone has a favorite crisp recipe, and this is mine. I love it for for the flavorful versatility and simplicity. But even favorites need to evolve, and I haven't made this recipe as originally posted for years. I've switched sweeteners and cut back on overall amounts, for one thing. I also typically make the gluten-free version with chickpea flour (Anyone want to play predictions with when I'll tire with chickpea flour? Unless some nutritionally explosive news comes out that paints garbanzo beans in a dramatically negative light, I'm thinking maybe never.)

fitty-cuttingOne thing I really, really love about this crisp is how fail-safe and fun it is. It's perfect for using just about any blend of overripe fruits, and joyously perfect to create with kids, not least because there are infinite ways to adapt to any level. In fact, next week my Plot to Plate (now Kids Create Healthy Plates) teammate Melissa and I will be whipping up take-and-bake personal versions with our after school enrichment cooking group, and in preparation I made some with my budding 3-year old chef this evening.

For our class next week, we'll be tasting a variety of fall fruits, reflecting on texture, taste, and compatibility. We'll make thoughtful comparisons: fresh and processed versions, and "processed from the kitchen versus from a box. We'll delve into the definition of "fruits", according to botanists, chefs, and eaters. We'll spend time on hand-washing and cutting skills. And then the best part, when we play. Because with a recipe like this, you really can play. No matter what you throw in, or how large, ungainly, or shredded the pieces, you're in for sweet, fragrant, warm cinnamon deliciousness when you pull the ultimate concoction from the oven. You can sort, compare, follow the recipe, tie in measurement, and afford to be lax on quantities, too. Tasting and experimenting as creative healthy kitchen scientists.

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